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S E E D    R E V O L U T I O N    G E N E T I C S

Although we do carry many official breeder products we also distribute seeds of our own. They are not as specialized as the breeders' seeds and therefor are great for that first time grower. Our seeds are of various strains all bread together.
As always we will use stealth when we ship your seeds to you.
We are currently working on a strain that is from all different types of distributers. We ask that if you sell seeds yourself and are interested in participating in this experiment please email us for more information. We will be emailing the known distributors to see if they will participate or not.
Below are listed our deals:
*All prices in U.S. dollars*
*Prices do not include shipping and handling*

10 seeds for $20 > order now!
16 seeds for $30 > order now!

Upon receiving your money we will email you so that you know it has arrived. If you have any questions don't hesiate to email us. Please consult the ordering information page for more details.

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